My main concern is the growing methamphetamine use and prescription pill abuse in Ashe County. We must fight this problem, not only locally, but also at the street level; we must target the larger dealers who are selling the illegal narcotics to the people of Ashe County. To accomplish this, we must have a good working relationship with neighboring law enforcement agencies, SBI, DEA and U.S. Attorney’s Office, along with our local District Attorney’s Office. We must also have the support and trust of the community to report such illegal activity in their area. 

The second major concern I have is the growing number of property crimes against our citizens. It’s only common sense; most people commit break-ins and steal to support their drug habits. The general crimes investigators and narcotics investigators must work hand-in-hand to continue to combat this growing problem.  Working together, this will not only lead to the recovery of stolen property but put an end to those who are trading illegal narcotics for stolen property.

A third concern that I have is the safety of our kids in our schools. Recently, I attended a conference sponsored by the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association in Greensboro. The main topic was developing “standardized training” for all SRO Officers across the state, and this training will be approved by the North Carolina Justice Academy. I will see that all of our SRO officers receive this training.

Fourth, the crimes committed against our children and our elderly are also a large concern of mine. Our children are our future and must be protected from sexual predators. We must reach out and educate our senior adults so that they are aware and protected from scams and frauds. We have a detective on staff that continuously trains and investigates these cases. She works closely with the District Attorney’s Office and the Dept. Social Services in collecting, preserving and preparing these type cases for prosecution.